About Us

Aysha Tornyi-AydinDance education is an ongoing process, one that continues throughout a dancers career.  The development of self motivation, self discipline, grace, respect and appreciation for the arts will help any student immeasurably in whatever path lies ahead.  

To succeed and be the best dancer the students can be they need to be flexible, open and willing to work hard.  Precision cannot be acquired quickly and beauty does not come easily.  At Joanne Grace School Of Dance we aim to strengthen not only the dancers body but also the spirit of our students.  We provide a caring environment for the education and training of our dancers.  The rich and varied training ensures the students are given a sound knowledge of diverse dance styles and genres.  

The ability to bring in guest teachers who specialise in different dance techniques reinforces and expands on the high standard of work being undertaken at the school.   Any parent can feel confident that their child will receive the highest standard of teaching and that our training methods are safe and our teachers well informed.  

The standard of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment from the staff is fully reciprocated by the work ethic , energy and dedication of the students in an environment where the ethos is based on mutual respect.

Pictured above: Aysha Tornyi-Aydin
Photography by WinkiPop Media