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Georgia Cook 

Jan 21 19

Georgia Cook

Sheree Baldwin

Georgia started dancing at the age of 3 but didn’t commence her training at Joanne Grace School of Dance until she was 12. From a young age, Georgia has had a passion for dance but was always drawn towards the grace and strength of classical ballet. Whilst at the studio, she was given many wonderful opportunities, the most influential being student teaching under the guidance of Joanne. Georgia loves helping younger aspiring ballerinas and finds developing young dancer’s skills to bring her much joy. She has completed R.A.D exams from Intermediate Foundation up to Advanced 1 and has received pleasing results throughout. In 2017, she completed HSC dance through correspondence at Joanne Grace and received a Band 6. Georgia is currently studying Exercise Science & Rehabilitation at the University of Wollongong with the goal of becoming a Physiotherapist. She has participated in courses such as the Level 1 Dance Teacher Training by Lisa Howell as well as completed her Level 1 Sport Teaching certificate. Georgia loves extending her knowledge, learning about human anatomy and the effect exercise training can have on injury prevention, particularly among Dancers and other Athletes.


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