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Dec 22 17


Sheree Baldwin

Contemporary dance is a unique and interpretive form of dance which includes influences from ballet, modern, jazz and folk dance.  It is a dance style that can be used to provoke many different thoughts and can be performed with many purposes. For example to entertain, to tell a story, or to represent a ceremonial dance. While contemporary dance is unique and has no specific movement requirements or patterns, it does require the dancer to hold a strong technique. Contemporary movement can challenge a dancers centre of gravity and require them to have strength and power in both their upper and lower body, this is so the body can leap and jump with good elevation as well as be controlled and smooth for the more lyrical aspect of the movement.

In class students will go through a number of training exercises where their bodies can develop this strength and technique as well as develop their performance ability. This will be then transformed into a troupe dance where they will learn to work as a team and develop this style together. Contemporary dance is a challenging style which will help to further a dancers technique while letting them experience several different ways of moving.


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