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Dec 22 17


Sheree Baldwin

Jazz dance has become one of the most popular dance styles over the years. With it’s various influences from African dance (where it originated) to ballet and hip hop. While Jazz can be a slow paced, smooth, style of dance, for the most part it is a fast paced, energetic, and most of all fun style, isolating various parts of the body in movement.

Technique is the foundation for all Jazz movement, using the bodies centre control to maintain balance and execute powerful movement. This is why a strong background in ballet is needed to excel in this style of dance.  The music choice often determines  the movement – students are given as much variety across all sub sections of the style.

Classes are offered at beginner level for those students not having a great deal of experience in the style. They will focus on general technique and fitness.

For those studying dance more seriously, separate jazz classes are offered to those that do 2 ballet classes per week. Jazz classes operate in every age group at both levels of training.


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