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Ready Set Dance 

Dec 22 17

Ready Set Dance

Sheree Baldwin


Are you ready to make friends?

READY SET DANCE is designed to appeal to girls and boys. Just take a look at our mascots, Twirl and Freeze! Our class captures the attention of all pre-schoolers, from girls who love to twirl on their toes and boys who like to bust some moves.

Are you ready to make some noise?

Our content has a strong emphasis on counting music, understanding tempo and exploring rhythm. We love to use musical instruments and parachutes to have fun learning music as a team..

Are you ready to laugh out loud?

Balance bean bags, sing on the microphone, walk like a dinosaur, catch frozen snowflakes, learn to skip, show us your hip hop moves, hold your yoga pose and join in the puppet show!

About Ready Set Dance

READY SET DANCE is a performing arts syllabus designed specifically for preschoolers. It has been developed using the knowledge of successful dance teachers who have been running classes for this age group for over thirty years. With a major emphasis on fun and creating confident little people this syllabus is the first stepping stone on your child’s dance journey. It will be your child’s favourite hour of the week. They will just love balancing bean bags, working as a team with the parachute, singing on the microphone, putting on a puppet show and playing musical instruments.

The Ready Set Dance program caters for all ages.

This means your child will not only be on the right path for their dancing journey but they will also make friendships that often last right through to adulthood. With so much uncertainty surrounding the school transition year, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to change dance studios. Dance Together Friends Forever!


Our preschoolers just LOVE….

  • Busting out their Hip Hop Moves
  • Singing like a star.
  • Joining the pupet show.
  • Skipping along FairyTale Lane.
  • Floating on their Yoga cloud.
  • Learning rhythm on our animal safari.
  • Jumping in puddles with their tap shoes.
  • Playing with the Parachute.
  • Going bananas with all of our cool music tracks created by the top music producers from the Australian kids television industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

The Ready Set Dance Uniform is available to purchase from our private online store or from reception.

What shoes do I wear?

The Ready Set Dance class involves Jazz and Tap styles of dance. We recommend black jazz and black tap shoes once your child is settled into the class. Sneakers are a suitable option until this time.

Do parents watch classes?

Parents wait in our comfortable waiting areas while classes are on. Our experience shows that the learning environment is more effective when adults and siblings are not distracting the dancers. Our studio has a viewing/watching day each term which is a great way for parents to be a part of their child’s dancing experience.

Does my child get to perform?

All of our dancers have the option of participating in a concert once a year. Our studios are known for our fantastic concerts held in professional venues.

How much are classes?

Call us today for class prices as they do vary.  

Class days and times:

9.30am – 11.00am  (Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet)

9.00am – 10.30am  (Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet)

10:30am – 12:00pm (additional class – if required)


4.00pm – 5.00pm  Ready Set Dance


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