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Madeleine Fictoor 

Jan 11 18

Madeleine Fictoor

Sheree Baldwin

We enrolled Madeleine last year because she loved to dance and with the arrival of a new sister we wanted her to have something special that she loved and her little sisters needs wouldn’t interrupt.

At only 2 and 1/4 and never being to pre school before she didn’t cope very well in the first lesson being separate from me and Ms Mikaela invited me into the room for the entire lesson. Despite loving dance she was shy and had separation anxiety. All that next week Madeleine didn’t stop talking about going back to dancing school which is why we persisted and that next lesson she told me you stay here with the other mummies and daddies, no tears! By the end of the year we could drop her at rehearsal and the concert for a half day knowing she would not only be fine but thoroughly enjoying herself. Just one of the unexpected benefits of her time at Ready Set Dance.

Madeleine has also learnt to count, recite the alphabet, built confidence to talk and sing in public, learned to take turns, listen and take direction, share, built some great friendships and of course she her love of dance has grown. We just wanted her to have fun we had no idea she would get so much out of it.

Her teacher, Miss Mikaela is amazing and has so much patience for the children. The older students although very committed and serious about their dance also have time for the babies showing them their dances each week with the open door at the end of the class and the interaction with them caring for them during rehearsal.

Thank you and we can’t wait for the new year classes to start.