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Anna McCulla 

Dec 3 19

Anna McCulla

Sheree Baldwin
Anna is a dancer, choreographer and passionate teacher from Sydney, Australia. Anna completed her Bachelor of Dance studies with the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA), graduating in 2016. Working predominantly in the contemporary dance scene, she has performed internationally and toured throughout Australia presenting works that challenge the traditional relationship between audience and performer. Over her professional career she has had the opportunity to work with many companies and choreographers including Bonnie Curtis Projects (On the Hearth a Fire Burns, Tripelpunkt, TX1000, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, Wonderland), Cloé Fournier (Mea Culpa) and Twisted Element (Ritual). Anna has been featured in music videos by artist Oh My My (Animal House, Woe My Heart), performed for Opera Australia and with Offerings at ‘QVB After Dark’. Anna is also invested in the creation of her own work, most notably her dance film ‘Murder’, which she self directed and choreographed.


Anna is actively involved in fostering the development of the next generation of dancers, encouraging students to explore and access a raw and authentic performance quality. Anna is strongly passionate about the importance of nurturing Australia’s performing arts community and intends to be an active part of it throughout her career.
WWC Number: WWC0668203E

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